Architectural Features of IoT Cloud Platforms

preview_3IoT Cloud Platforms help accelerate the design and development of IoT solutions. Many such platform providers exist in the market today. In this post, we identify the key features expected from a mature IoT platform and also define the major architectural components expected in IoT solutions today. [Read More]

Protocol Design Challenges in M2M Communication

preview_1Connecting smart appliances requires a robust and lightweight protocol that facilitates an efficient Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. In this post, we explore some of the interesting challenges in the design of such protocols for M2M communication needs. [Read More]

Understanding MQTT: A Protocol for the Internet of Things

preview_2The MQTT Protocol was designed to meet constraints of embedded devices and to facilitate an efficient transportation of telemetry data. With the emergence of IoT today, this protocol has risen to prominence. In this post, we take a deep-dive into MQTT and its design aspects. [Read More]

Building Internet-scale Web Platforms with the Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

preview_1Building internet-scale platforms demands hard engineering decisions. In this post we dive into the Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and understand how that is engineered for scale. This post intends to help practitioners and solution architects to build a truly scalable web-tier for their applications. [Read More]


Accelerate Enterprise Mobility with Mobile Backend As A Service

preview_2Enterprise mobility has witnessed exponential growth and MBaaS platforms have become a key component for most enterprise mobility solutions today. In this post we look at the key MBaaS features and the value of MBaaS platforms for your enterprise. [Read More]


Enterprise-grade Node.js Architecture For Scalability, Fault Resilience, and Zero Downtime

preview_1Applications powered by Node.js are increasingly prevalent in the enterprise today. However, many Node developers are seldom aware about the pitfalls and the steps necessary to build a resilient and a truly fault-tolerant Node.js infrastructure. We explore such an architecture in this post. [Read More]